Hitchhiker's Observation (early poem)
Wyoming mesa barren
sun sets sky red

An old gas pump

Batters against itself
in the wind.

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 09 Jun 2005

For Kathy, my first Love soon after parting (early poem)
I remember now . . .
We embraced in the moonlight . . .
naked . . .

Loving . . . touching . . . everywhere . . . desire . . .
moon faced . . . beaming . . . eyes . . . gleaming . . .

You promised that you would never leave me.

But you did,
and we died . . .

Now I am left
only with memories
that pierce
a dragonís heart.

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 08 Jun 2005

Upon receiving Kathy's last letter of farewell. . . (early poem)
My boots have no substance
feet touch only cold concrete

Dogs bare their teeth
as I walk by
but no doors will open anyway . . .

Passing a solitary rose
I indulge in the sweetness, briefly
A thorn pierces my skin
Painfully awakening me from the trance.

Resuming the journey: there is nowhere to go

So I shall continue without haste
Legs propelling body through space
Feet to cold concrete.

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 07 Jun 2005

MetaKu (early poem)
Authorís note : I hitchhiked to Boston October 1973 from Portland, Oregon, and attended the first Dharma Festival. I saw Ram Dass, Allen Ginsberg and Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche. The first time I saw Rinpoche, I knew that he was my teacher. It was during the next year that I began the transition from wandering stoned minstrel to a student of the Dharma.

Below are some sample poems written during this time.

Nothing is,
a journey to nowhere . . .
. . . it goes.

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 06 Jun 2005

Undoubtably the Universe is Unfolding as it should...but why did it have to write this poem? (early poem)
I wanta sink my teeth
into something Real...

not just more

how about a

awwww shit,

what a Pisser :

there is no Eternal rocking chair
this is no Nirvana picnic.

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 05 Jun 2005

Li Po Lost his shadow . . . (early poem)
Li Po,
disputing Confucius,
lost his shadow
while drunk
in a plum grove.

A five colored parakeet
alit on a branch
does not perch long.

Plum blossom petals
fall away as
Li Poís shadow . . .

the midnight moon.

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 04 Jun 2005

For Kathy, an after-thought while hearing a distant flute. . . (early poem)
The distant flute sounds . . .
promises are made to be broken,
love knows no distance
in places of no thought.

Thoughts are many
distances are great
as the flute plays a song
promises are made.

It is very easy to deceive others
sadly, even easier
to deceive

Thoughts are like ducks
flying low above the lake
disappearing with distance
into the rising sun.

No-promises are indestructible
as is love for you . . .
. . . boundless . . .
. . . end-less . . .

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 03 Jun 2005

What Shape is Harvard Square? (early poem)
What Shape is Harvard Square
To Boston Commons, a circle
Where men of ignorance
Stare through telescopes
Trying to see their eyes.

Prophets of doom on every corner
Salvation Army bell ringing electronic Christmas
Streets with no names . . .
Houses with no numbers. . .

Falling away from my-self
to a river of breath
in and out . . .

A corridor to nowhere
hall of gold
Cyclone of silence . . .

Energy waves wax and wane
with white walls moving
Pyramids of light . . .
Mandalas of ancient astronauts
riding cobweb eggshells
Into the sun . . .

Waffled back cat
dripping asterisks
Of purple and yellow applause . . .

Polyhued eggfarts
bubbling with music
And surprise . . .

Police on high horse watches
paranoia with a smile shuffle slowly
Streets of shiny red night with no sleep . . .
Answers in every question
Inside every church . . . emptiness.

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 02 Jun 2005

Words Haiku (early poem)
like carrot tops
only a hint of the root.

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 01 Jun 2005

Sparse (early poem)
Attic room empty:


Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 31 May 2005

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