Relativity Revisited
This poem and moment ..............exist.
This poem and moment does not exist.

No one can say exactly for sure.

I am writing these words NOW,
which for you is in the past.

You are reading these words NOW,
which for me is in the future.

The connection that we share,

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 20 Jun 2005

Summer Storm


Distant lightening,
How refreshing.

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 19 Jun 2005

Policeman calls,
Bad Habits Crazy,
Must walk softly.

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 18 Jun 2005

Vivid and Sparse

past events are not real,
future events do not exist,
the present is merely a fiction.

challenge:BEING on the spot

frozen tundra wind biting experience


without elaboration...naked.

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 16 Jun 2005

Nothing (early poem)
Author's Note: Items marked with (early poem) were written when Buddha Bomb was between the ages of 20 and 25

We prefer above anything,

we don’t know it.

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 14 Jun 2005

The Unquestionable Truths (early poem)
1. There is no truth
2. Number 1 is not true
3. Both of the above are true
4. This is the truth
5. Everything is false
6. None of the above is contradictory
7. You are not reading this sentence
8. What you believe is not true
9. There is no truth in this sentence
10. There are no ten unquestionable truths

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 13 Jun 2005

Cogito Ergo Sum (early poem)
You think you are your thoughts,
but your thoughts are not you,
So you are not your thoughts . . .

Even if you think of your thoughts,
as not being your thoughts,
you are still not the thought
that you are not your thoughts.

So, in order to be . . .

Not only can you not think thoughts,
you can’t even think
that there are thoughts,
to be thought.

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 13 Jun 2005

Psychedelic Sketches (early poem)
Everyone causes commotions . . .

"Now is everytime not now isn’t."
"When is it ever not now?"

"Hey, when do you think about time?"
"All the fact, that’s the only time I think about it."

"This could go on Forever."
"It already is!"

Crazy man playing and melting pipes empty
bottles skin tight room
in toy boat
floating toilet laughing . . .

Green shadowed face in purple with no name.

Form flexing
air moving
Patterns . . .

liquid flowing constant input . . .

Holy shit, that ice cream cone
turned into
a dinosaur bone . . .

Apple juice
the morning after tripping
is like apple juice
any other time.

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 12 Jun 2005

The Vietnam War is Over (early poem)
The sacred mushroom Light
flowing through me . . .

My Mind anywhere and everywhere . . .
contemplating starry sidewalk . . .

Businessman excitedly utters . . .
“...the war is over . . .”

Which bounces around the etherial substance
in my skull

“. . . Nixon bombed the Hell out of ‘em . . ."
". . . and they were begging at his feet . . .”

Said the businessman
crossing the street looking at me strangely

So I picture

"Nixon bombing the Hell out of ‘em"
and into himself.

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 11 Jun 2005

High Fashion (early poem)
I had an army jacket
and used it for a pillow.

my much patched jeans
fell apart.

I traded the army jacket
for a New Pair of Pants.

I have a new pillow
the old pants
falling apart
under my head

Copyright 2005 Buddha Bomb
posted: 10 Jun 2005

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