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Buddha Bomb - HalloweenInOuterSpace.mp3
Buddha Bomb - HalloweenInOuterSpace.mp3

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***Original Track by Buddha Bomb Released on October 31, 2009***

Buddha Bomb created all sounds with an Access Virus T-1 Polar Synthesizer, which he sequenced and layered with voice samples using Abelton LIVE. The result is a compelling, and at times scary piece of "music" - ha ha!

Buddha Bomb Original Music
I recently finished a 10-week course at Denver University in Digital Audio Production with professor Brian Comerford.

Here is the web-site which is a wonderful resource, full of all kinds of useful information about electronic music.

To visit now, click below:


The course included readings on the history of electronic music, and we were required to write five response papers to the readings. I found that writing the papers was the best way to actually learn and remember the material. Plus, it was fun writing the papers.

During the class, I created eight new tracks, all of them are listed below. I added a bonus track "Scary Walter" which was a sound-collage I had done for Halloween last year.

We learned three software programs during the class: 1) SoundForge for editing; 2) Acid for track arrangements and 3) Absinthe3 to generate original synthesizer sounds.

I created the music tracks using four primary methods: 1) Sound-Collages; 2) Remixes; 3) Original-Music; and 4) combinations of the first three.

We began by creating a Sound-Collage, from a minimum of 15 sources. Then we remixed another studen'ts Sound-Collage. The next project involved creating orginal synthesizer music using Acid.

The culmination of the class was to create a demo cd and a web-site. I will mail anyone a cd who sends me your mailing address. Send it to me directly at


Buddha Bomb

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Our first audio assignment was to create a sound collage, using at least 15 different sources. I chose a psychedelic theme and lifted samples from both old-school techno, and modern psytrance tracks.

The track begins and ends with a group of stoners hitting the bong and laughing, I never get tired of hearing this part. Then I pull one musical surprise after the other, adding samples from Dr. Albert Hoffman, Terrance McKenna and others. Bong-a-Thon culminates with high-paced psytrance music.

To make this collage, I first created numerous files with all the samples and music. I began to cut-and-paste these together using the SoundForge editor. Although I had used the program before, these sessions increased my abilities to use SoundForge.

"e23 Psy Phy Nutrion Flux (Remix)"
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Our second assignment "Seed01" was to do a remix of another student's sound-collage. I was given a challenging track developed by Brian Comerford called "Psy Phy Nutrino Flux" which contained samples with a UFO landing theme.

I broke up the track and created dozens of files using SoundForge. We had been given a primer on how to layout a track in Acid. I made a rather strange arrangement, but I also learned the basics of Acid.

"Drum'n'Space (Original)"
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This was our Softsynth project, and I used Absinthe3 to generate the sounds. I spent many hours just playing with Absinthe3, and found that making "sound scapes" were easy. However, beats were not so easy. I ended up having fun with Drum'n'Bass sounds. I was able to edit the beats in Soundforge, and spiced them up. I layed out the track using Acid.

This was my very first all original track!

"Toby Rumans Dream Theater Meets Tiesto (Remix)"
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Our next assignment "Seed02" was to remix another students work. But this time, we could add additional sounds, so this project was both a remix and a sound collage work.

There were many cool sounds from Toby's track, including far out guitar samples. I added some pystrance teasers by playing the build-ups and then dropping it back down again. This track was made primarily with SoundForge.

"Habitail 5 Easy Steps (Remix)"
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Our assignment was to create a 1-minute political track. I decided to remix Habitrail's "5 Easy Steps" from the album "Polyphonic Voices of Digital Desent". The original track was a powerful statement about the Bush administration with cut-up quotes.

To spice up the track, I began with a sample by Noam Chompsky followed by a George Carlin laugher. Then it hits hard with Bush samples.

The assigment was to make a 1-minute political track, I did my best to deliver the most powerful portions of Habitrail's excellent work.

"e23 PsyPhyNutrinoFlux (Supernatural Remix)"
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The Seed03 project was for extra credit. I decided to do another remix/sound-collage combo, and I got carried just a little but away, certainly it was great fun! Going along with e23's psi-fi motiff, I added many far-out samples, mostly from psytrance tracks. I created this track using Sound-Forge and Acid.

"666 (Sound-Collage)"
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I created this track for extra-extra credit, using mostly SoundForge to create a collage. For sources, I used several scary sound effects albums, samples from psytrance tracks, and just for fun the theme song from jaws.

"Protons, Neutrons, and Elections (Original-Sound-Collage)
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This was a "folder of mystery" track. I was given a folder, complete with drum-beats, voice-samples, and other sounds by the professor. I used Acid to layout the data into a sequencer, and that's all I used to creat this track. I loved doing this particular project, though I must say the folder had excellent material to work with.

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