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"Servant of the Psyforce"
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Modern tracks from artists Dark Nebula, Space Tribe, Seroxat, and others as Buddha Bomb demonstrates why he is a "Servant of the Psyforce."

"Psytrance Lush"
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Ok, so Buddha Bomb was born a Pisces on the planet Neptune in the Year of the Water Dragon just in time for Happy Hour. Does that make him a Lush? Denial Sucks! Buddha Bomb has admitted to the Press that he is indeed a "Psytrance Lush"...Listen to his Intoxicating Mix!

"Scary Walter"
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Buddha Bomb developed his 15 minute track "Scary Walter" for Halloween 2004. BB used samples of Walter Cronkite's retrospective of the '60s, layered it with SCARY sounds effects and SPOOKY electronics. The holiday is over but we still live in a SCARY WORLD...Turn the VOLUME up if you DARE...BOO!!!

"Enosa Festival Re-Creation"
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Buddha Bomb and friends (Tom, Ishwar, Nick and Suril) made the trek to the Oregon woods for the 2004 Enosa Festival. It was a once in a Blue Moon experience. During the "Enosa Festival Re-creation" show, BB and friends spin music produced by Enosa chill and psytrance stars. Buddha Bomb interviews stars and participants of the Festival.

"Classical History of Electronic Music"
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Part 1 - Buddha Bomb explores the "Classical History of Electronic Music" in his "electrospective". BB demonstrates the importance of classical music in the origins and development of electronic music. This segment includes Theramin compositions, Edgar Varese, John Cage and other avante garde composers (from the '30s to the '60s), Wendy Carlos, Tomita, Art of Noise, Mason Williams and other artists.

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Part 2 - Buddha Bomb continues with more modern classical music influences. The second segment begins with classic Old School track "Oh Fortuna", and continues with modern examples of electronic music.

"Star Spangled Psytrance"
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Listen to Buddha Bomb's Fireworks in "Star Spangled Psytrance" mix recorded on July 4, 2004.

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